Exercise Intensity

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The intensity at which you exercise is a major factor that contributes to the success of your workout. I have been witness to people going to the gym, or working out outside, and not putting forth the intensity needed to have an effective workout. Everyone knows the person in the gym who goes to each machine, puts the pin at the top, and then does  a couple of sets while either talking to someone or reading the newspaper. As you have guessed it, this person is not accomplishing anything. If anything they would have probably burned more calories if they did not even go to the gym and got some work done at home. There is also the person who goes for a walk with their head phones in and they are traveling at such a slow pace it would be faster if they walked backwards. The intensity seen in these two instances needs to be increased dramatically if the individuals want to see any changes in their body. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with walking as exercise.  But there is a big difference between leisurely walking down the street and walking at a pace where you are out of breath and you are varying your speed every two minutes.  Again, inside or outside of the gym you need to increase your intensity if you want to continue to see changes in your physique. You will not get any stronger if you continue to lift the same amount of weight. You will not get faster unless you vary your training regimen (include speed work, some sort of resisted interval training, etc) to see those results. You will not continue to lose weight if your programs intensity stays the same. Your body responds to the demand placed upon it. If you do not demand more from your body you will not get more. I am not saying that every single workout from now on you have to increase your intensity. That is not possible, your body will break down at some point. I am saying that if you feel like you are stuck or think something needs to change in your workout, it could be the level of intensity that is holding you back. If you have any ideas or questions on how you can change the intensity of a workout please comment below. If you want a new exercise program that consists of changing levels of intensity every month visit our individualized exercise program page.


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