What Women Need

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What do women need? In today’s world women are still turned off by lifting weights and doing any sort of resistance training. They rely on doing cardio and some form of class as their exercise routine. What they really need is to lift weights. This is done in the weight room where some women have never dreamed of going. Yes it can be a scary place, but it is for anyone who does not know what to do (even for guys). There are so many benefits of resistance training that women are not receiving it is a shame that they do not take advantage of this opportunity. If you have someone that tells you what to do in the beginning to help you get started, it will empower you and take away the fear. First off, the benefit resistance training has for your bone health is second to none. The leading risk factor for osteoporosis is being a white female over the age of 50. If this can be you, or for that matter is you, you need to take action now. The compression and pounding resistance training has on bones makes them stronger and increases their density. Exercises such as squats, lat pulldowns, deadlifts, and rows are great to build the density of your legs (femur) and spine (visit our exercise library to find out how to perform these exercises). It takes up to a year to see a difference in your bone density so you should start these exercises as soon as possible.

The next reason women need to resistance train is because it accomplishes the reason you work out: change the shape of your body. Running does not shape your body, it just burns calories. The only way to change the shape of your body is to build muscle and this is done by resistance training.  Contrary to popular belief, women will not get big and bulky by resistance training. You will get stronger and build muscle, but not look manly. There is a woman I have trained for over two years now and she has just competed in her first power lifting competition, which she won. This means she lifts very heavy weights (heavier then most guys at her gym) and is 120 lbs of beauty and muscle (check out Jenny’s testimonial).  This can be you with the proper instruction. Before she started working with me all she did was run six days a week. Now her workouts consist of resistance training six days a week, and she is in the best shape of her life. Two things happen when you lift weights, you get stronger and burn calories. You will see strength gains in as soon as two weeks when you are just starting out.  You will burn calories during the workout and continue to burn calories longer after your workout then if you did just cardio. Plus every pound of muscle you add to your body you burn an extra 50 calories per day, just to support the muscles function. The fit, athletic body women look to have can only be achieved through resistance training. There are too many benefits not to start resistance training now. Along with all of the physiological benefits comes the sense of accomplishment when you finish a workout. There is a special feeling that comes with lifting a weight you never thought possible. The sense of pride and accomplishment received with this is unmatched. If you do not know what to do and cannot afford personal training at your gym, sign up for your own individualized program here. If you want to create your own program but do not know how to do the exercises, visit our exercise library to find the correct instruction. After you start your own program it will become less daunting and something you will look forward to. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or comment below.


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