Making Lifestyle Changes

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One of the hardest things people have to get past is the lifestyle change that comes with getting in shape or losing weight. You hear all the time that people want to lose weight and get in shape and that they would do whatever it takes. But when it comes time to start there are more than enough excuses to delay this process from starting. Whatever your fitness goals are (weight loss, strength, getting in shape) they are not easy to achieve, if they were everyone would be able to do it. In order to achieve any of these goals you will have to go through a lifestyle change. This is because the condition you are in now is the result of your current lifestyle, which is not where you want to be. Since humans are creatures of habit, changing your lifestyle is relatively difficult at first. Like they say, “nothing that comes easy is worth having,” meaning you are going to have to work for this. One step could be getting more sleep, which is crucial in achieving any of your health goals. Your body can not recover without it, meaning that extra 30-45 minutes you can get at night by not watching that one extra show can make a big difference. Changing the foods you eat is a difficult thing, especially since your body will crave the foods you removed at first since that is what it is used to. But what your eating now has to be replaced with nutrient dense food, no more empty calories. Making time for exercise can also be challenging if previously it was not in your schedule, or did not take up much of your schedule. It is difficult to get up an hour earlier to workout or have the discipline to go to the gym after working all day. But that has to be apart of your new lifestyle, the lifestyle that is going to get you where you want to be.

It is known that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. In that time frame you are able to get rid of an old habit and create a new one. This is ultimately the key to get you on the right path. Once you make eating right and exercising a habit, you are well on your way towards your goals. At this point it would be harder to cheat on your diet and miss a workout then it will be to follow it. I challenge all of you to create this new lifestyle in just three weeks time. It will be difficult, you will have to make sacrifices, but the end result will be worth it. Some ways to make sure you are strict with your workouts is find a training partner. Having someone that is going to meet you at the gym every day makes you accountable. Even when you do not feel like going, the fact that someone is there waiting for you is enough to make you get out of bed and go anyway. A way you can still go out and enjoy yourself while sticking to your diet can be done by finding a restaurant that supports your health and fitness goals. Places like Muscle Maker Grill (more information about this restaurant can be found in the Nutrition Section), are excellent to go to. They have a wide selection of healthy, nutrient dense food that tastes good and supports your goals. Changing your lifestyle is tough, especially when your getting started, but it is possible. Again, I challenge you to make the commitment to your health for 21 days and create the new lifestyle you need to succeed. If you have any suggestions or questions about any of this please comment below. It will be tough but you can do it.


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