Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

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When it comes to working out it is necessary to have the right training partner. But it cant be just anyone, you have to look for that special someone who fits the criteria you need. This will enable you to be the best you can be, and see the results you want to see. There are several different factors that are involved in choosing your partner. First off, they have to want to workout at the same time of day as you. If you try to get someone who likes working out at night to come in the mornings with you it is nearly impossible (trust me I have tried).  Basically both of you have to agree on the time you are going to workout, or more days will be missed then made in the end. After you find someone who wants to workout at the same time of day, you have to make sure they want to workout the same number of times a week as you. If you want to workout 6 times a week and they want to workout 2 times a week, you are basically working out alone. Next on the checklist is finding a partner that wants to accomplish the same goals as you. If one of you wants to drop weight and the other just wants to do bench press and curls, your workouts will not be very compatible with each other.  Not that all of this is not hard enough, that is only the first round of qualifications.

The second round requires you to be a little more then just acquaintances with this person. This is because you have to know whether or not this person is reliable and trustworthy. Will you be waiting outside their house for 15 minutes before they are ready to go? Will they not show up when they tell you they would? Dealing with all of this stops you from accomplishing the main goal which is getting in a great workout. You have to know that person will be there with you 3-6x per week (whatever is decided) no matter what. This reliability factor will also help you on days when you do not feel like working out. Everyone has those days, but since you know your partner will be there you get out of bed anyway and know you have to show up. You also need to be able to trust this person. If you are attempting a heavy lift, you need to know that they will be there and are physically capable of spotting you if necessary. If they aren’t you will not be able to push yourself to your fullest extent, causing you to miss out on one of the major benefits of having a training partner.  Ideally you would like to be doing the same workout as your partner. If you do arms on Monday and they want to go for a run, it just does not work. There needs to be an agreement between the two of you of what will be done on each day. This is necessary to make sure that both of you will stay engaged with the program and not be turned off by it because it is not what you want to do.  The partner that you chose should also be around the same fitness level as you. This is crucial because if you are on different levels one person will be getting a better workout then the other.  If the workout is too easy for one person they might not see the importance of sticking to the plan and most likely will not reach their fitness goals (body was not challenged enough).

The last round of requirements involves two factors that once again require a deeper connection between you and your partner. They have to be able to respect your time and not waste it by talking too much or doing trivial activities during the workout. Your partner can match all of the requirements above but if they talk too much in between sets to you or someone else then its not going to work. Before you know it 5 minutes have passed since your last set and you have only done 2 exercises in the last 40 minutes. This inhibits your ability to get a good workout in and can not be tolerated. Finally, your partner has to care enough about you to push you. If they truly were a good partner they would continue to push you through every workout every day. Either through encouragement, trying to get you to do more weight/reps, or just making sure you get through a workout you did not know you were capable of. This person has to be able to match your energy and push you so you want to be better than you were before you started the workout. This is the only way you are able to see results and experience the full benefits of having a training partner. If your partner lets you skip out on sets and reps and lets you keep doing the same weight, they do not care about you. If your “run” turns into a “jog,” they do not care about themselves reaching their goals or about you reaching yours. As you can see it is not easy to find the right person for this job. Find some who cares and start training today. If you have any questions, comments, or stories related to this post please feel free to leave them below.


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