Reasons To Workout

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There are several reasons for you to workout and exercise. In the end it does not matter which one(s) you use as long as you do it.  I narrowed it down to the top reasons you should workout, if you do not have one already.

Feel Better About Yourself:  Working out releases endorphin’s into the blood which is associated with a good feeling.  This increases your desire to want to work out to replicate this feeling as best as you can. When you are done with a workout, especially if it is strenuous, you have a sense of accomplishment that you were able to get something done. This accomplishment works to improve your self-image and self-confidence being that you were able to complete a task you set out to finish. Also the fact that you are doing something that is beneficial for you; helps increase your self-worth.

More Energy: Whenever you start an exercise routine, one of the first things you begin to notice is that you have more energy throughout the day. Doing something physical, such as exercise, wakes the body up and whenever you work your cardiorespiratory or musculoskeletal systems the end result is the ability to do more without feeling as tired. As we all know more energy is a good thing. 

Health Reasons: If you have to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, or decrease your blood sugar levels it can be accomplished through a well-designed exercise program. I am not saying do not take your medications if prescribed by your doctor because of your health problems. What I am saying is that your goal should be to make the changes in your diet and increase your activity level so that you are working toward not having to take any medications at all. The easy way out when you have these health situations is to take the pill or have the surgery. But that does not cure the cause of why you were put in this situation. The right way to fix the problem, which is also the way to make sure it does not come back, is through diet and exercise.

Training: When you are preparing to play a sport at any level of competition, the only way to prepare for that season is through a properly designed training program.  The level of competition has become so good that you are unable to just get up off the couch and go play anymore and be competitive. Whether it is for a 5K run or your in-town softball league, you will be benefit greatly from working out in preparation for the season.

Social Aspect: Another reason to work out is for the social aspect. I am not saying the only reason you should go work out is to see and talk to other people. But I am saying it is good to be friendly with the people who are at the gym around the same time as you. There is a good chance that they have some of the same likes and dislikes that you do. This is also a way in which you can meet a potential training partner. For example, I have all of the free-weights/equipment I need to perform any of my workouts in my basement, but I do go to my gym every morning to workout, being that I have come to know most of the people that will be there at that time.

Stress Release: There seems to be no better stress release then getting a tough workout in. We all know that we have more than enough stressors in our lives today. Being able to physically work through them gives us an opportunity to cope with them without solving or dealing with the problem head on.  This ability to keep our stress level down by exercising through it (either going for a run or hitting the heavy bag) without telling your co-worker what you really think is crucial in maintaining a healthy life. There are several studies that show how detrimental excess stress can have on our bodies so the more ways we can find alleviate that stress the better off we will be.

Adds Discipline: Maintaining a strict exercise routine involves having discipline in your life. The fact that you follow your workout schedule no matter how many things are going on and how tired you are does increase your level of discipline and builds your character. This will cause you to succeed in other parts of your life as well. When you create discipline in one aspect of your life you are able to transfer it over to other areas as well.  We all know that any extra discipline in our lives is a good thing.

These are some of the main reasons of why I believe you should workout. But in the end as long as you do workout it does not matter what the reason is. If you have any questions or comments on anything stated above please feel free to leave it below. Or if you have any other reasons to workout that are worth noting, please feel free to write them below.


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