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I am sure you have said or heard someone say something like this at some point:

I am too tired…I don’t know how…I do not have the time…I will if someone does it with me…I will start tomorrow….no matter what I do it does not help anyway…I will always be fat, that is my body type…I will do whatever it takes, except that…one day I will start getting back in shape…well my knee hurts every time I start to exercise…I don’t have to lose weight…my doctor said that is normal for my age bracket…but I love those foods…I said that a long time ago…I meant it then…this is too hard…Its not going to make a difference now…I am too busy…I can not get to the gym…I don’t feel like it today… my friends are not going so I don’t want to…its too nice out to go to the gym…I worked in the yard today so I don’t have to workout.

These are all excuses that people use to get out of working out or for that matter, anything they do not want to do. I am going to ask you today not to be an excuse. I am tired of hearing them and I am sure other people you know are tired of them also. The only thing excuses do are get in the way of you and what you supposedly “want to do/accomplish.” It is extremely easy to come up with them or use them to get out of doing what you should do.  Once you get in the habit of using excuses it is hard to stop and nothing ends up getting done. It is impossible to reach your health and fitness goals if you get used to using excuses. Starting this habit is how one day off turns into one week then all of a sudden you have not worked out in a month. Do not be an excuse and get your workout in no matter what.

It is simple to spot what an excuse is when looking at someones schedule/habits. They were too busy to workout but they were able to watch that hour long TV show last night. They were too tired to workout but that same night they went out with their friends til one in the morning. When you see patterns like this people really do not want what they say they want, or are supposedly working towards. It is not only harmful to use excuses when dealing with your exercise routine because after time this habit transfers to your daily life.  Once you start using excuses every day, much of the same ones as above, to explain why you did certain things or why things happen you are in trouble. Do not be this person. You have a lot of control of what happens to you in life and how you chose to respond to it. If you get a new job where you have to work ten hour shifts, then get up an hour earlier to make sure you get your workout in. If you know you are supposed to be watching your blood sugar level do not go to the party where you know there are going to be sugary desserts. Take control of your life and do not be an excuse, nothing good can come of it. If you have any questions or comments on the information discussed above feel free to do so below.


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