Two Is Better Than One

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People believe that they can eat whatever they want and then workout and they will see results. People also believe that as long as the eat “healthy” they do not have to worry about exercising and they will see results. Both of these people are wrong. It is not acceptable to eat whatever you want and workout or eat well and not workout. There are several reasons why this is the case. First off, if your goal is to lose weight,  studies show that the combination of diet and exercise results in the greatest weight loss. It also shows that you will maintain that weight loss longer than if you only had one of the variables.  Therefore, if you were looking to lose weight it is crucial that you address both diet and exercise. Plus if you are looking to build muscle and get stronger, your body will not be able to do this unless you fuel it properly. This goes back to the saying, “you are what you eat,” being you are not going to build muscle if chips and cookies are the mainstay of your diet. Also, contrary to popular belief, exercise does not do enough to reverse weight gain, high blood sugar level, high cholesterol as you had thought. You are able to avoid those statistics at a younger age but as you get older just exercise is not good enough. It is important that a proper diet is implemented in order to avoid these unfortunate statistics. On the other hand, just having diet is not good enough. This may help improve some of your blood test scores but you would not be in good overall health. Exercise (cardio or resistance training) strengthens the heart, which is not regularly accomplished with a proper diet. Diet alone does not improve your cardiovascular system, which is also related to your heart health.  A proper diet can give you weight loss, but will not shape your body. The only way to shape your body is through a proper resistance training program. If you do not work to strengthen your body you will end up with muscular imbalances. Once you develop these imbalances you are on the path of pain and dysfunction. As shown above to have overall good health you need to combine a proper diet with exercise. Both variables have their positives but in order to maintain optimal health you need both of them to get where you want to be. Whether it is weight loss, maintenance, building muscle, or strength gains you need the right exercise and nutritional program. If you have any questions or comments regarding any of this information please feel free to do so below.


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