About Me

Hi, my name is Nicholas Matthes and I am the owner/creator of Exercise First, LLC. I created this website in order to share my expertise in the field of exercise and fitness. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Health & Exercise Science at The College of New Jersey and have my CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist). I am currently enrolled in Rutgers University’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. Exercise has become a large part of my life over the past twelve years and it is most often the first thing I do every morning. My training experience involves people of various aspects of life including stay at home moms, athletes, people with weight loss goals, as well as power lifting aspirations. All of whom have experienced great success in whatever their goals were. I spent two months with the Governor Livingston High School Football team and they went on to win more games this season than they totaled in the previous two, including a playoff birth. To say the least I know how to create an exercise program that will be specifically designed to help you reach whatever goals you may have. 

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I created this website to give you exercise, fitness, and health related information. This information is displayed in the exercise science articles and blog posts, which are constantly being updated. If you choose to purchase an exercise program, you will be taking a step in the right direction towards the future, better you. If you have any doubt in my ability just view the testimonials listed on the website. A feature that I was excited about creating was the exercise library. It currently contains over 200 exercise videos that teach you how to perform the exercise the correct way. Please contact me through my email (exercisefirst1@gmail.com) or through the blog. I look forward to helping all of you very soon.



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