Individualized Exercise Programs

Start today by purchasing your Individualized Exercise ProgramSigning up means you are closer to your goals…

“Not only did I see results, but others noticed as well; paying me compliments on my transformation and my arms and shoulders especially”- Jenny Campano

“In less then six months I lost 27 lbs” -Anthony Ciraco

 You Can Do This In Three Easy Steps:ball bridges

  1. Consent Form (Read & Agree)
  2. Fill out the Questionnaire 
  3. Make your Payment ($50)


Receive a 4 week program for less then the price of 1 personal training session!
Refer a friend and get one month free! (after the first month)

I will create your program specifically designed to allow you to reach your exercise or fitness goals. Whether it is for weight loss, strength, fitness, or just to be able to function better I have done it all. With each monthly payment you will receive another modified program that will cause your body to continuously change and improve. I HAVE HAD TOO MUCH SUCCESS IN THIS FIELD FOR YOU NOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY. There is no reason to delay you from making this positive change in your life. Let me help you by signing up for your own exercise program today. I have videos and explanations on how to perform any exercise that would be prescribed for you, so there is no excuse.  Click on the link below to get started. 

  Sign Up Now!              



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