Here are a list of people who have gone through the program and have had great success. Let us know if you want to write a testimonial and we will get you on the board.

Jenny Campano, Berkeley Heights, NJ

“I turned to Exercise First after suffering from hip bursitis (due to running 16-20 miles a week). My physical therapist at the time told me one of the biggest mistakes  runners make was they don’t think they have to perform strength training exercises for their lower body. This is when I started my Exercise First program. I needed to find exercises that would build my leg and hip muscles. I was given several exercises to do twice a week and after a few weeks received a set of new exercises. Needless to say, after several months on the program, I had no more pain in my hip. I was back to running, but instead of just focusing on cardio, I was balancing my routine with weight training.

At this point I asked for some upper body exercises, as I was only using a couple machines and had been doing the same exercises with free weights for at least 2 years. I had avoided the weight room in the gym. Again I was given several exercises that entailed using free weights. Yet again, after several months, I saw a noticeable difference in my body shape; I definitely broke through the plateau. Not only did I see results, but others noticed as well; paying me compliments on my transformation and my arms and shoulders especially.  I did not gain weight or ‘bulk up’ as many women think will happen with weight training.

You can probably say I have become addicted to weight training and seeing how much I can push myself. I am in the best shape of my life at age 41 (and I have 3 children). Now, I probably only do cardio twice a week and I weight train 6 days. I went to my first powerlifting competition in March 2013 and won top overall female, and at 120 lbs, I deadlifted 265 lbs.”      Jenny’s Competition     Newspaper Article   Jenny’s Second Competition   NJ.com article    CBS NEWS

Jenny (3) (1)

Anthony Ciraco, Berkeley Heights, NJ

“Great workouts that showed major improvements. The routines provided plenty of time for recovery before focusing on that muscle group again. I lost weight while putting on muscle. In less then six months I lost 27 lbs.”

Barbara Vanderfleet-Martin, Berkeley Heights, NJ

“I have been working with Exercise First for just over a year and have been all the better for it. They are sensitive to my needs and those of the the other two women who exercise with me. With a working knowledge of how the body moves in health and in illness,  they are encouraging, patient, humorous and ever watchful. I am getting stronger everyday.”

 Susan Kinsella, Millington, NJ
“I first started using this program to strengthen my core at the advice of my chiropractor after suffering from running injuries.  I thought I was in pretty decent shape when I began, but I have to say that the exercises that I was given to perform have really helped me.  Before, I did a lot of sit-ups and other abdominal exercises, but  the exercises that I do now hit a lot of muscles that those didn’t.  I really feel a difference in my core strength, and this has lead to improvements in my running form, speed  and race times.  I love how the program is so personalized- not only am I given alternate exercises if there is something bothering me (such as when I was in a boot due to a stress fracture in my foot), but I am increasingly challenged and continue to get stronger.”



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