Shoulder Exercises

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Click on a link to watch a video on how to perform the exercise correctly.
Standing DB Shoulder Press
Standing Alternating DB Shoulder Press
DB Arnold Press
Seated Military Press
Seated DB Shoulder Press
DB Push Press
Standing BB Shoulder Press
Smith Machine Shoulder Press
DB Shoulder Press Holds
Standing Single Arm DB Lateral Raise

Seated DB Lateral Raises
Standing DB Lateral Raises
Standing Cable Lateral Raises
Seated DB Front Raises
Standing DB Front Raises
Incline Bench Front Raises
Standing Cable Front Raises
Standing Barbell Front Raises
Seated DB Shrugs

Standing DB Shrugs
Incline DB Shrugs
Behind the Back BB Shrugs
Barbell Shrugs
High Pulls
Standing DB High Pull

Cable High Pull
Barbell High Pull
Seated DB High Pull
Smith Machine High Pulls
Reverse Flies
Single Arm Reverse Cable Fly

Reverse Flies Cables
Incline Bench Reverse Flies
Bent Over DB Reverse Flies
DB Reverse Flies
Bruggers/BPA/Band Pullovers

Standing Internal and External Rotation
Single Arm Cable Pulldown
Straight Arm Pulldown


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